Monday, April 8, 2019

Are you up to “Make Today Ridiculously Awesome?”
If that sounds like a dare, switch it into your life’s motto. And of course, the people of would love you to do it with one of their colorful, uplifting bags on your shoulder.
I’ve been reading about “Connie,” who was bestowed a nickname based on her “consuela,” or “comfort” with friends. Now these shiny Consuela bags and totes are sold at upscale stores, and Buc-ee’s.
I’ve got a little one that’s great for lunch and a larger one, both adorned with bright sugar-skull motifs. You can go for roses, stripes, cactus, etc. with varying degrees of pricing. Connie wants us all to be ridiculously awesome and tell the company about awesome women for their “It’s Not About the Bag” program.
                So I’m walking along Congress Avenue in Austin and the colorful bags are in a window, calling to me. I pop in and was told I found the Austin Flagship Store, with the design studio next door. I was offered sparkling water and a cookie and began feeling awesome. The challenge to “Make Today Ridiculously Awesome” is written on their window.
                Next time you want to make a culinary impression, unpack your lunch or picnic spread from a Consuela bag.

Cheers to a Good Idea

Do you ever wish you had a Good Idea? My husband was going on about how I had one and I was thinking, “about time he acknowledges.”
Actually, he was joking that I should take a selfie, as I raised up a can of Good Idea, a naturally flavored sparkling water that’s known as the Swedish Sugar Buster. I already love sparkling water as a guilt-free treat and this one is the “only mealtime beverage on the U.S. market with a significant amount of the essential mineral chromium, proven to make weight loss both healthier and more sustainable, by increasing the proportion of lost fat. This adds to the beverages ability to cut post-meal blood sugar spikes.”
                That part in quotes is what makers are saying about this drink, with a blend of five amino acids and chromium.
                So, how about a dragon fruit version? I hid all the flavors in my fridge to hog them for myself. Now that’s saying something that you have to hide your zero-calorie treats from your spouse. It really is a Good Idea.

                Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who loves sparkling and sparkling water and strives to be ridiculously awesome. Reach her at

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