Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bean sprouts now; frosting later: A girl’s got to plan

To all those who tease me for my bean sprout lunches, surely you know I am eating smarat at one juncture and planning ahead to my next culinary thrill seeking experience. Why, just the other day I was faced with cake and high-quality mixed nuts. I think I made a good choice. For my second helping, I didn’t get more cake, I just got a glob of the icing that had collected in the corner of the platter, and sprinkled a few salty nuts on top to balance out the sweetness. A girl’s got to plan ahead.

One for you
I’m a fan of Fiber One products and commercials and recognize them for what they are. To me, they straddle the packaged vs. cook-it-yourself world, offering a convenient way for those used to prepped-food taste to explore more healthy options. Now they’ve got a 90-calorie brownie that hits my spot. On first glance, it’s on the small side. Try it with an apple, and it’s a filling snack I can make last a long, long time. Get your fill of Fiber One.

Elevate Me!
A mom blended pure whey protein isolate with whole fruit to nourish a large, athletic family and Elevate Me, dubbed the world’s simplest protein and fruit energy bar, became available to healthy snackers everywhere. Fruit, espresso, matcha green tea and coconut are flavor options for these dense squares. It doesn’t take long to get used to the intense flavor. These squares come in smaller portions than similar bars and I’m grateful for that, because a little does go a long way to fuel your day.

A round of goodness
The humble round tortilla is an icon of versatility. It doesn’t need much in the way of improvement, but LaTortilla Factory went the extra mile to bring us new flavors with more fiber and fewer calories. There’s a 100 calorie fat-free version in traditional or whole wheat that can be the canvas for breakfast, snack, dessert or other meals. Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavors seven flavors, including the tomato basil, which I filled with beans and served several. Big old tortillas in the Smart & Delicious high fiber line are labeled “Perfect for the Serious Dieter.” Try egg, rice, vegetables, lunch meat and more in these guys . . . seriously.

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