Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's a smash

It’s a smash

Smash. Sizzle. Savor.

Those words are posted all around Smashburger, chain I tried and loved in the Houston area. The to-go menu reads “Take it with you. Use it often.” Gourmet burgers include gourmet breads and “premium add ons” such as applewood smoked bacon and fried pickles. In addition to a memorable burger, I had the best seasoned haystack onions I think I’ve ever had.

Gilligan: ‘Feels like the first year’

Lamar University basketball coach Jim Gilligan can remember pitching stances of baseball greats from his youth. He demonstrated, at a Press Club of Southeast Texas meeting. He says he’s got a group of “extremely talented’ players in training for the season. He’s so excited, he told guests he feels like he’s in his first year of coaching. He said he could show video of some great pitchers, but what would be better is if the community comes out and watches the games live. Let’s go, Port Arthur.

So how did this tidbit get into my Culinary column? It all happened at Café Del Rio in Beaumont, and my Tex-Mex plate was pretty darned good.

Snack safe

The Dog Dicer is a pretty cool tool that cuts your hot dog into 48-half moon shaped bite sized pieces. I’m thinking that’s a good way for parents concerned about choking hazards to feel better about one of America’s favorite foods. It does some slicing on grapes and carrots, too. Go to for a look at this thing. I tried it on a food item not mentioned and got the “blades” out of whack, but my handy jeweler’s pliers put them back in order.

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