Friday, January 4, 2013

Empowered Eating a 2013 trend

Empowered eating, to create wellness and harmony in your body, is a thing now. But what does it taste like? Maybe like ferro grain, blackberry and clove. McCormick & Company sends flavor trends of 13. Here’s what we can look forward to:
No Apologies Necessary – Diving headfirst into sumptuous flavors to enjoy the gratification of a momentary escape
Decadent Bitter Chocolate, Sweet Basil & Passion Fruit – An intensely indulgent combo that delights all the senses
Black Rum, Charred Orange & Allspice – An instant tropical getaway, this sultry collision balances richness and warmth
Hidden Potential – A waste-not mentality, uncovering the fullest flavors from every last part of the ingredient
Hearty Meat Cuts, Plantain & Stick Cinnamon – A new take on meat and potatoes, these ingredients inspire creative approaches that unlock their full flavor potential
Artichoke, Paprika & Hazelnut – Ingredients you thought you knew invite new explorations, unleashing their deliciously versatile starring qualities
Global My Way – Discovering the unlimited flavor possibilities of global ingredients, beyond traditional roles in “ethnic” cuisines
Japanese Katsu Sauce & Oregano – Tangy flavors of barbecue and steak sauce create the next go-to condiment
Anise & Cajeta (Mexican caramel sauce) – Sweet, rich delight transports desserts and savory dishes to new places
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Angelini Estate
Note to Southeast Texas Italians and Italian food lovers:
Winery owners Julius and Paul Angelini of Angelini Estate, Marche Italy and Angelini Wine Imports of  Centerbrook Conn., have a cappellitti in brodo recipe that makes about 400. Is that enough for your gathering? Pair it with Angelini Estate Sangiovese. I didn’t go to so much trouble, but my family enjoyed a sip of this full-bodied dry wine with my new favorite notes of cherry, leather oak, vanilla and tobacco. It’s so full bodied that tiny sips will make you cradle that glass for a long, long time. The Angelinis know what they are doing.
Not every southern state carries this line, but since we do, it’s another thing for Texans to be proud of. Look for Pergola Rosso  with aromas of rose petal and lavender to pair with white grilled meats and risotto with mushrooms, another slow sipper to impress guests, or just yourself.

Handpicked in Columbia
Sometimes you never know the good stuff is there. Navitas Naturals has fresh goldenberries picked in  Columbia, freeze dried and milled into a fine powder at low temps to preserve nutrients. Let’s give it up for the Incan Empire for this Andean Superfruit fu of vitamins A and C, beta-carotene and bioflavonoids  A 10-calorie teaspoon of a serving departs a slightly tangy taste to oatmeal, yogurt, drinks and desserts. My personal favorite for New Year’s resolutions is breakfast smoothies, and this powder is something the maker knows is there and those who think they are afraid of things that are “good for you” don’t have to know about. I’m glad I know about it.

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