Sunday, April 21, 2013

Champaign, ribs and cupcakes

Champagne & Ribs and cupcakes
Greg Gentry, Dr. Coffy Pieternelle  and Judge Jeff Branick were the rock ‘n’ roll honorees at Gift of Life’s Champagne & Ribs on Thursday at Cowboy Harley-Davidson. The food was amazing, as is to be expected. I heard there were Gigi’s Cupcakes in the tent and I got there as fast as I could without knocking over the other guests. They were gone.
Word is there were 500 cupcakes and they were gone “in a heartbeat.” No matter, the rest of the spread and the company was great and it’s all for a great cause.
Ironically, the next day, GIgi’s Cuopcakes came into my life. Someone had picked up a Margarita one just for me and it was sweet and salty and weighed a ton. I shared it with three other people. I also got a taste of the salted caramel and chocolate cupcake that made me want to visit this new Beaumont bakery in person.
Whipped and tangy
Of all the years Hellmann’s® has been around, they’re just now introducing the brand’s first Real Whipped Tangy Dressing. Not all of us Americans can get it. It’s exclusive to the Mid-West and Central Region and made with high-quality ingredients like oil, vinegar, cage-free eggs and select seasonings.
 I visited and think that Jalapeno Jack Tuna Melts looks like something to try. My debut of the dressing was for a cabbage slaw with cubed orange and ground jalapeno. I like how the squeeze bottle fits well into the refrigerator door.

Le Peep
When I went to Le Peep Café’s bright new restaurant in downtown Beaumont, I ordered something the waitress hadn’t tried, the Strawberry Patch salad. She asked me how I enjoyed the spinach, berry, bleu cheese and Parmesan-crusted chicken and I suggest it be her next meal. Belgian Waffles, omelets migas and more make up the menu at 350 Pine Street, on the ground floor of what’s formerly known as the Entergy Building. My own peepers popped wide open at the transformation. The dining area is light, bright, sunny and open. It looks like a place people will be meeting friends.

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