Sunday, July 28, 2013

Get your links a Coke

Anthony Nichols of Port Arthur treated out-of-state relatives to a taste of Texas. His plans for Zummo links included giving those sausages a boil in a couple of cans of Coke. It takes the grease out and leaves you just “eating strong sausage,” he said.

Alter Eco
Mother Grain is what the ancients called it. Organic Royal Rainbow Quinoa from Alter Eco is now conveniently packages for your dining pleasure. It cooks in 20 and flavors easily. I put a little curry and garlic in because I was watching “Life of Pi.” My guests loved it and one taster said it was like India in her mouth.
Here are more taglines: the package calls it “bright, festive supergrain of the Andes.” I can’t top that. If you are already a fan of this grain, you’ll love this packaging. I made a salad drizzled it with olive oil, adding tomatoes, cucumbers and shredded lettuce. Three people who ate my salad and know about quinoa noted that just a little serving of this grain seems to continue expanding in the stomach to make one feel very well fed.
If you haven’t tried quinoa, know that this line is all organic, fair trade, and gluten-free. This is a do-good company offering fair trade. Visit to see how they serve it up.

Pop one out
Containers are so fun now I can’t imagine why anyone would think packing one’s own lunch could possibly be anything but exciting. My latest pick is Swissmar Pop’N Go Collapsible Silicone Boxes for meals on the go and  food storage.  They come in colors (mine is purple) and they collapse to half their size, with your spork still tucked inside the lid. Pop your rice salad, veggies are fruits into your purse and go. This pop is BPA free and ready for action. Let’s all pack one and head to Sea Rim State Park for summer fun.

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