Monday, August 26, 2013

Get the edge

No wonder it’s “Edgeware”
My friend has outfitted her kitchen in sleek, black appliances  and it looks so good she’s turned my eye toward the trend. Because she eats purple onion daily, from what I can tall, she should love the Edgeware Container Grater with  three styles of V-etched stainless steel blades; extra coarse, coarse, fine and a slicing blade. 
It’s “edgy” with an oval shape and colorful tops for grating that Irish cheese she loves. Here’s the irony. She never varies from cooking with rings of onion or slicing thick ring chunks into a big salad. She also likes that cheese in generous slabs.
So, the Edgeware will be a black-lidded, clear bowl star in my kitchen, because I can slice up an onion Sunday and enjoy it all week long from the same container. I  love to sauté thin slices into nearly any dish. Bllade styles can handle soft cheese, hard cheese, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, cabbage, chocolates and spices. They are Edgeware signature non-stick and easy to clean and fit in the bowl for storage. Here are some other features:
No-slip bottom
Soft touch accents
Compact size – blades store inside of the container
Dishwasher safe
Designed in the USA

Voga Italia
A guest noticed a Voga Italia wine bottle at my house and reported her good exeperience. Here’s mine, with the Dolce Rosso version: Makers say they have innovated this “tantilizing and supple blend of Italian Syrah and Merlot that is the perfect red wine for daylight delights or evening temptations.” Plum and cherry flavors can pair with chocolate and berry-infused desserts. It’s the lighter blend that my husband loves, and I admit I’m a sucker for the unique column bottle. Consider having your own Voga experience. 

Secret ingredient
What goes in smoky barbecue sauce, basil marinara to sooth the tomato acidity, almond vinaigrette for spinach and arugula salad, and dark chocolate pudding.
Some of my readers may guess I’m speaking of pepper, but the answer I’m seeking is just as intriguing: Nielsen Massey Organic Fair Trade Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. Around Southeast Texas, we look to Mexico for fine vanilla. There’s another source that they use in Waukegan, Ill. These beans are grown in the shade and integrated with other crops, which prevents deforestation. Madagascar is part of the Bourbon island chain of Africa’s east coast and these beans are known for yielding a product that is sweet and creamy with velvety undertones. You should smell the extract. I’m enjoying a vanilla Coke as I write this. Contents from this bottle have also enhanced banana dishes and creamy desserts.

New from Dove
Brown and green are not only hip colors, they swirl to make a more-than-trendy classic taste with Dove’s new mint and dark chocolate swirl Silky Swirl Promise chocolates. If you are buying candy “for the children,” know that this is the lot one should hide, for adults only. It’s the good stuff and one will keep you satisfied. Love the Dove.

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