Sunday, October 6, 2013

Falling for pumpkin flavors

Everybody’s talking about pumpkin this year. I’m even hearing men  who are not professional chefs express love of punkin’. They’re going way beyond the classic pumpkin pie and graduating into soups, snacks and beverages. Pumpkin Spice limited edition bagels and English muffins from Thomas’ are an the shelves through early December. This bagel experience was one that will stand out in my mind. I loved it fresh, without a single embellishment. Then I started in on these to breads with  garnishes such as Canadian bacon and fried egg.
Read on for another pumpkin pleasure:

Autumn in a bottle
Do you want to look at the amber liquid sparkling in the sleek bottle boasting the Crop Harvest Earth Organic Spiced Pumpkin Vodka label? Or do you want to invite your holiday guests to autumn in a bottle? Go ahead and share. It tastes like it sounds and it smells even better. The pumpkin joins Crop’s quartet of original vodkas, Artisanal, Cucumber, Tomato and Meyer Lemon.
I’m planning to keep a reserve to top desserts and spice coffee during this cooler season. Why, I’ll bet it even goes good with pumpkin pie. You think?
Makers suggest it on ice to experience the seasonings. Other ideas from the pros:
“At tailgating parties before football games, mix it with cola--the bitter-sweetness of the cola complementing the richness of the vodka. For a grown-up Halloween treat, shake this golden-hued spirit with Irish cream liqueur over ice. It’s a creamy, drinkable version of pumpkin pie topped with fresh whipped cream. After an afternoon of raking leaves, reward yourself with a hot toddy (recipe below) or with coffee or hot cider­ spiked with this flavorful vodka--all delightful ways to warm up on a brisk autumn day. Start your Thanksgiving meal with any of the cocktails listed below and the holiday is guaranteed to be festive.”

These autumnal cocktails are created by Esteban Ordonez of International Cocktail Group and Burning Waters Cantina in downtown New York City.

Great Pumpkin Manhattan

2 parts Crop Organic Spiced Pumpkin Vodka 

1 part sweet vermouth 
2 dashes orange bitters
Garnish with an orange peel
Pour ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Pumpkin Toddy
1 and one half parts Crop Organic Spiced Pumpkin Vodka
1 part freshly squeezed and strained lemon juice
one half part honey
4 parts hot water
Lemon wheel and a cinnamon stick for garnish (optional)
Build all ingredients in a heat-resistant glass or mug, lightly stir and serve immediately. Garnish with a lemon wheel and cinnamon stick (optional).

Headless Horseman
1 part Crop Organic Spiced Pumpkin Vodka
1 glass pumpkin ale
Drop the Crop Organic Spiced Pumpkin Vodka into the glass of pumpkin ale and enjoy.

Naan Pizza contest:
Just when my whole family was hungry for naan, I found Tandoor Chef Garlic Naan with other frozen meals like Palak Paneer and Pad Thai. Oh, it’s crazy good. If you like these flavors at restaurants, you’ll love this stuff. Enough said. Now, here’s an invitation from makers: In celebration of National Pizza Month, Tandoor Chef < <> > , the leader in restaurant quality, all natural frozen Indian cuisine, has launched its Naan Your Average Pizza Party Contest. Through Oct. 31, consumers are encouraged to vote for their favorite flavor of Naan Pizza at <>  <> . Consumers will also be asked to share what they think the next flavor of Naan Pizza should be.

Tandoor Chef offers five different flavors of Naan Pizza including, Roasted Eggplant, Margherita, Cilantro Pesto, Spinach and Paneer and new Jalapeno Naan Pizza.

Pukka is my new word and new tea. The health- and flavor-loving herbal tea creators named their brand Pukka, the Hindi word for genuine and authentic. They want you to have a “pukka’ cuppa. The brand has been popular in the U.K. and now we can get it. I’ve been boiling up lemongrass and ginger, mint green and blends featuring ginger, lavender and ginseng. I would never have believed there was something called Three Fennel, with sweet, wild and, I guess, regular fennels. After Dinner is a perfect name for one with organic fennel, chicory and cardamom. That fennel flavor gives the signal that all other snacking is done for the day. This flavor is official. Perfect Day combines whole leaf tea with ginseng and licorice, which is another flavor that fills one up and curbs cravings. I’m being “pukka” with this review.

Stamba means pillar in Hindi. Stability and support drive this brand offering capsules of suprfoods that different cultures and generations have used for healing, vitalizing and rejuvenating qualities. Maccak acai, maqui, turmeric, ginger and green algae are some ingredients from the “riches of the plant kingdom.” I love this kind of stuff and I know a fit woman who is a believer that superfoods help her stay fit. Sound better than a bunch of artificial chemicals. Makers say Stamba is “Crafted to maximize benefits, STAMBA provides raw, organic nutrient density and complexity to support your body’s innate capacity to thrive.” Okay, I’m also a sucker for the violet glass bottle with the wooden top. It’s almost time for New Year’s resolutions. Are you keeping yours from this past year? Maybe you can put your resolve on a stamba.

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