Friday, April 4, 2014

What's the Buzz? A 'Superstar' party

“What’s the Buzz?”
The Easter season means my family will gather to see two movies for sure: “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “The Ten Commandments.”
For Superstar, we’ll sit at a low table (the coffee table) and share bread dipped in herbed olive oil and red wine while we see our favorite rockin’ gospel movie.
I’m always happy to meet someone else who knows all the words to all the songs like we do.

Give peas a chance!
It could be that World Peas went into the non-GMO snack business specifically to create a catchy business title. I’m glad they did. While I’m into the Bombay curry, I’m sticking with Nagano Wasabi as my favorite that I’ve tried in the resealable bags. Crunchy and spicy and good for you, they also come in Texas Barbeque, Santa Barbara Ranch, Sicilian Tomato & Garlic, Hungarian Garlic and Sichuan Chili. 
They can certainly keep “peas” in your carpool when kids are hungry on the way to practice. I love these peas.
Coastal Collection
Once you realize William Hill Estate operates a beachland vineyard near the Silverado Trail, you’ll want to see what that looks like. I looked it up and it’s as beautiful as the mind can picture it. The recently-launched Coastal Collection wines brings the winery’s style from Southern Napa to California’s North Coast, makers say. Taste it in the pear and stone fruit aromas and notes ot toasted oak and caramel of the chardonnay. This one made me re-think deeming red as my permanent favorite. But William Hill North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon  also features a caramel mingled with brown spice and toasted oak. So I can’t go wrong. What’s more, the Estate has helped raise funds to restore music education in schools. These wines are in the $15 range and very memorable.

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