Saturday, June 7, 2014

You don't need a stinking recipe

The opening story about a woman who was shopping and simply could not prepare a new recipe for cream of cauliflower soup without the brand of Mellow White Miso she could not find struck me. It haunts me. In “The No Recipe Cookbook: A beginner’s Guide to Cooking,” Susan Crowther recalls trying to help this women consider substitutes to no avail. The soup would not be made. I could never figure people not willing to be adventurous in the kitchen, but I do get a sense that some are not comfortable with their intuitions. Crowther teaches how to develop those feelings, and have fun with it.
If you can make a mud pie, you can cook, she insists. The basic recipe for anything is:
1.   Necessary ( main) ingredients
2.   Accessory ingredients
3.   Sauce
Here’s examples of how this comes into play:
Salad: The main is lettuce; accessories are onions, peppers and tomatoes and sauce is oil and vinegar.
Cheese sandwich: Main is bread and cheese; accessories are tomato, avocado and sprouts and sauce is mayonnaise.
Fritta: eggs; then mushrooms, spinach, herbs and cheese; them milk.
Get the idea? Then you can go nuts with her ideas, then you can get crazy with your own. By the way, she’s kind of a healthfood nut and is for sure an entertaining writer.
Infused water is so tempting
Of course you need to drink more water, especially in the summer. Contigo will help you do it. It’s an Autoseal Pitcher Set with an infuser stick, where you put your lemons, oranges, citrus, mint, cucumbers or whatever of nature’s bounty you want to show off, and the flavor comes through in this clear, pitcher. I wanted to keep raving about the sleek shape of the pitcher and the green and white lid that curves into a handle, but that sentence was getting long. You can fill the ice core with water and freeze to keep your creation chilled. One more thing: The tritan Body is shatter and odor resistant of BPA-free material. It’s a useful beauty.
Crazy pretzels pair with Humdinger honeys
I called it. I let the promoters of Henry’s Humdingers family of hot honey know that I think I’d like to meet Naughty Nana the most. She is a spicy pepper and ginger raw honey who wakes you up with toast in the morning. Diabolical Dad is my second new best friend, mixing habanero and lime raw honey. This family also includes Phoebe’s Fireball of Chipotle Chile and Cinnamon and Grumpy Grandpa with spicy red pepper and garlic. What do you do with these combos? Breakfast breads, toasty tortillas, chicken and beef can all get a glaze. My husband reminds me to stir it, because that top layer gets the most heat. Get your own recipes at I’m addicted.
The flavors pair well with Mary’s Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs Sea Salt Pretzels  which are whole grain and gluten free rods that you can dip with what have you. These two brands can bring some conversation starters to your summer gatherings. Thanks Mary and Henry.

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