Monday, December 21, 2015

Gumbo for Christmas Eve

Thank goodness my mother agreed to make gumbo for Christmas eve. It’s a tradition that I have treasured for as much as my life as I can remember.
A few years ago she did not make the gumbo. We all reminded her that that year did not go as well as it could.
She promptly agreed to get a pot going this time around.
Thanks, Mom.
Hope everyone in the Port Arthur area gets their holiday gumbo. If for some reason I can’t imagine, your family has another favorite, I hope y’all get that.

Pecans are a treat/health food
This week pecans are showing up  all sugared and buttered and baked into pies. We love it.
In a short while I’ll be back on salads and pecans and other nuts will be my health food, topping salads to add crunch, protein and flavor.
I’ve purchased nuts from sales to benefit three worthy causes this season and I’m planning to enjoy them, a controlled portion at a time.
It’s dangerous to get too nuts over nuts.

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