Sunday, February 21, 2016

Grapevine has old-town charm, great food

A Fireside Pies creation in a Grapevine. Photo by Darragh Castillo

So it's Friday night in on Main Street in Grapevine, Texas. I hear a big commotion across the street. Darned rowdy 20-somethings i'm thinking. Turns out it was four women my age and older, installed on a bench waiving around full wine glasses and wishing every passerby a happy Friday. They really were enjoying life, and set the tone for my whole trip.
Got to love historic Grapevine. I saw a directional sign for wineries and arrows pointed in every direction. 
Due to circumstances beyond my control, a friend treated me to Pappadeaux Seafood for several nights straight with meals including lobster, cod, octopus, salmon and soft-shell crabs that were the best thing I have so far dined upon in 2016. The bacon-wrapped shrimp was aces, too. I did all the driving and was "paid" with festive dinners. Nice work if you can get it.
There was also a place called Fireside Pies with super thin artisan pizzas. Mine came with the salad on top.  Let me explain. Peta Pie featured balsamic mustard portobellos, goat cheese, red peppers, piƱon nuts and a delicate assemblage of fresh arugula at the center. It was a wonderful experience. 
I accompanied a friend who had dealings in the area so my free time included shopping at Central Market, Trader Joe's and Market Street. This is one of my favorite way to spend time, sampling cheeses, looking for new tea flavors and playing with scented oils. 
Back on Main Street, we ran into Dr. Sue's Chocolate which featured samples of just about everything they make. So you know you are leaving with something good in your bag.
I have plenty more fun tales of Grapevine, Texas. You'll have to wait for the Sunday a Sounds Good column to read more.

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