Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ice cream that loves you back, whiskey salt and human nature

    Brio ice cream has product line upgrades and a package redesign for a brand you might not have heard of in the first place. Brio now features organic whole milk from pasture-raised cows, and probiotic cultures specifically developed for ice cream. Craving just a tad? Try Brio in 3.6 ounce single-serve packs with a built-in spoon.
                   You love ice cream. Brio loves you back, is what the little cartons say. The company sent me samples of Café Latte, Madagascar Vanilla, Very Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Tropical Mango and Vanilla Caramel. I know, lucky me. My husband likes the mango as his favorite and I can’t pick.
            Some of these little cartons come in at 135 calories each, so there’s not a lot of guilt. Brio suggests they could serve as a mid-morning snack, nourish,a nourishing after school treat, a nutrient-rich smoothie boost, or even an electrolyte-rich post workout replenishment.
                  “Yes, we're suggesting you eat ice cream after the gym!” their press materials read.
I really like the trend of tiny individual servings. Port Arthur News has featured health columns on “mindful eating.” Appreciating each bite is what they’re talking about, and I mindfully enjoyed my Brio loving me back.

                      Who loves salt?
                      If you came into some Irish sea salt, you first instinct may not be, “Let’s whiskey smoke this stuff.” But if you’re the “purveyors of premium sea salt at San Francisco Salt Co., then that’s your business.
                      Thankfully, they’ve chosen to make it our business by releasing selections such as Sherpa Pink Himalayan, Lemon Rosemary, Fennel Saffron and Smoked Cherrywood in quantities from 5 ounces to 25-pound bags.    
                      The company invited me to try Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt and I have enjoyed pinches on eggs, tomatoes and grilled sweet potatoes. explains their passion for salt. If you’ve never considered that such a basic essential could transform a dish, go beyond. Many of us are not used to the notion that salt should cost more than a few cents for a big cardboard box full. Indulge a little and become as transformed as your meals.

                      Human Nature
                      In a wine taste test, would you pick your favorite based on how expensive the bottle looked? D. Scott Trettenero notes a test where the same wine was dispensed from various vessels with different perceptions. Guess what happened. We’ve all got our own view, and we sure know the other guy has his. “Master the Mystery of Human Nature” is the book that goes into “Resolving the Conflict of Opposing Values.” It’s about getting along better with spouses, children and everyone else in the greater world.

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