Friday, January 13, 2017

Pass a good time at Rodair Roadhouse

Rodair Roadhouse:  You can pass a good time Rodair Roadhouse just on the food. But wait, sometimes
there's a bunch of live music and dancing. Wonder how many calories a good
Cajun waltz will burn off.
"Where Bayou Country Meets Gulf Coast" is the motto which sums up a relaxed
attitude at Rodair Roadhouse, on Jade Avenue in Port Arthur. Even the
fishing lures that adorn the place tell the owners' stories. Richard Hudson and
Shawn Skinner are good talkers with good stories and John Dingle is keeping
the good stuff coming out of the kitchen.
Hush puppies with Steen's Syrup as a dip? Fried green tomatoes that make you
want to slap your mama? Hot and crunchy shrimp bites like none other? Rodair
Roadhouse has been paying attention to flavorful little details.
The proof may be in the pudding, as in the bread pudding that Skinner
reveals is buttery to the max. Some if their "secrets" are sharable and some
will remain in the family. If Skinner starts talking about that butter
content and you don't want to hear, cover your ears until he's moved on to
the banana or key lime pie.
I haven't even touched on the main dishes, so go see for yourself. They're
practicing in the back on crawfish, but promise that when they're bigger
and better, they'll be on the menu for fans.

                      Orange food
          A houseguest mentioned she wasn’t keen on orange foods. What? Around this season? Pumpkin and yams cooking are unpleasant, she said. No worries. I’m adaptable. But those sweet potatoes I’d planned to roast and serve with olive oil and curry powder were looking at me. I awoke extra early and cooked them for my breakfast while she was still asleep. Potato discs, crispy from grilling in coconut oil and topped with a bit of fruity jam went well with eggs for a cheerful morning meal. That’s thinking outside the orange box.

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