Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mom's yellow production

                      I had it made when a friend dropped off garden gleanings and my mom offered to come up with a meal with it all.
                      Yellow corn and yellow squash were the stars, with shrimp nearly taking the background in a buttery, seasoned presentation. Some potatoes were in the supporting cast.
                      I support this situation happening again. Readers, share what you’re doing with your garden goodies.

                      How does your inner priestess kitchen look?
                      Your kitchen is the heart of your home and connected to your health, well-being and even your sensuality, writes Asa Soltan. I was into her book and didn’t even realize Bravo’s hit show “Shas of Sunset” is about her family. I like the way she thinks and writes, with a “babe” and “lover” thrown in when she’s relating to the reader. She shares some hard times her family has been through, including losing everything a couple of times. That’s made her a fighter who wants to represent her art and style and help others get their groove. Her book is “Golden: Empowering Rituals to Conjure Your Inner Priestess.”        
                      So that’s why you need to clean out rotting food and replace it with what nourishes your body. That kitchen clutter could be blocking the flow of love into your life, she writes. Example: If you have salad dressing that entered your home when you moved from your last apartment, it’s time to let it go.
                      Soltan wants to help you love your self more and clean out the “junk” of your life.

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