Sunday, April 7, 2019

Market selfie part of Culinary Thrill Seeking
For months my Aunt Anne in Katy has been anticipating the opening of H Mart near her home, and the thought of her extended family exploring it together. We had so much fun walking the aisles and filling our cart with octopus, fungi and noodles, we figured we’d better take a selfie. Are we weird?
                Don’t answer. Just see for yourself. This store has all sorts of Asian flavors and a super-fresh produce section. It doesn’t matter that you may not be familiar with a good portion of the fruits and veggies. I’m up for giving them a try.
                The area has several little restaurants, and I’ll bet all of them are good. We stood outside and registered on an ipad for our turn. Taped to the window was a review that said the crispy duck was the best. We got in quickly and ordered them. The server said the duck was for the place next door. Okay. I don’t know how the sign could have been any closer to his restaurant’s window. No matter. We ate shrimp in a sauce from carved out mango shells. And we loved it. We got a second little individual pot of rice to extend the pleasure.
                We said we could not eat another bite, but H Mart is liberal with the samples, so we gave in. Then we navigated the attached bakery and shared a cool tiramisu after gazing at intricately braided pastries.
                My Aunt was thinking this store was nearly close enough to take exercise walks from her house… straight to the bakery.
                On Friday my husband and I shared a bowl of meatless pho at a different Houston eatery. It wasn’t until I was leaving that I saw a closed bin labeled pho veggies. I’d missed out on the fresh jalapenos, sprouts, basil, cilantro and lime that I love to top my bowl.
                Oh well, there’s always another culinary thrill around the corner.
                Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who loves spicy things. And sweet things. Reach her at

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