Thursday, August 4, 2011

The leftovers needed an Asian kick
My run with Azuki beans isn’t over. I loved them in this past week’s Culinary Thrill Seeking. I tried to make my own bean paste in a blender with beans, yogurt and mung beans I was planning to sprout, but decided to eat early. My husband realized I made this double bean mixture to use as a dip for green beans. I tried to make it Asian with ginger and pepper, but it needed an extra kick that could come from something like sesame seed oil.

Delight in every bite
Many healthy snacks have a Fig Newton composition, and I’m beginning to really crave that as a signal the bar will be fulfilling and nutritious. Navitas Naturals is packaging bags of Power Snack in Superfood form of: Cacao Goji; Blueberry Hemp; and Citrus Chia. I love the chewy cubes that pack a nutty bite. Maybe you can’t eat just one, but two will fill you up. I tried the cacao and citrus and love them.

Presto: It’s pesto
Not everyone can step out by the front porch and glean fresh basil to whir up a pesto. Those who can’t can try Romarsi Pesto to Go and drizzle it on pasta, chicken, pizza, vegetables and crusty bread or mozzarella.
Makers have more ideas: Spread it over Panini’s or mix it into wraps; make a marinade for chicken, pork chops or steak; and liven up a party dip.
While I actually do have a friend who keeps her homemade stash in small containers in her freezer, Romarsi is a flavorful alternative for those without those skills. My husband and I just knew we would like the thick, green basil flavor best, but we both tried to nudge the Kalamata Olive blend closer to our plates. Our first try was on a baked potato. Pasta, here we come.

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