Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pack my Insanewich, I’m ready for school
Even as a child my lunches never included the bland white-bread sandwich. Whatever unique filling it contained would be on Roman Meal bread. Adrian Fioring must have grown up experimental to create “Insanewiches: 101 Ways to think outside the lunchbox. Imagining opening your brown bag to find something like these:
* The Rubix Cubewich
* The Pancake Popwich — an irresistible breakfast on a stick

* The Sumo Sandwich — a heavyweight that’s overstuffed with steak, chicken, salmon, assorted mushrooms, radish and scallions

Maybe you’d like to wake up a golfer with a Toad in the Hole in one. It features a golf ball garnish. The Soulwich is a chicken waffle sandwich topped by an olive. What the Breadwich? is bound with a mushroom “bun.” The Cordless Mousewich with USB Cheestick is modern marvel to get kids from the computer room to the kitchen. What fun.
• The photos are amazing. Everyone in the house will want to join in to create faces, architecture and tom foolery that will nourish you. It’s not just for kids. Grownups can assemble the Cosmo Martini Sandwich, made with a cranberry muffin and orange slices, just for the girls.
 Go from Sunrisewiches to Dessertwiches; Eventwiches are for occasions; Gamewiches are sporting; and meals for every personality.

• Wear an Icy Diamond to lunch
• A diabetic chocolate distributor mom invented Icy Diamond’s totes with an insulated silver lining. Maybe the silver lining is that you can look so cool while keeping up with your insulin, healthy snacks, teething rings, cosmetics and other goodies you must ice. Adorable little bags with an ID pocket can hook on your belt loop, drape crossbody or loop into a fanny pack. This mom invented a backpack for bigger, icier situations. Wee little ice cold packs slip into the pockets and you’re ready to hit the road. I love it.

More for the lunch box
Oroweat’s Healthfull in 10-grain and Nuttygrain has protein fiber and flavor. It’s beautiful bread and makes the difference between a quick bite and a meal. I’m enjoying it with new Planter’s peanut butter that I got with a coupon at Kroger and Earth Balance coconut spread I found at Basic Foods in Beaumont. A BF employee said coconut anything is a big mover, because of proclaimed health benefits. I loved the spread on Oroweat toast, sprinkled with cinnamon. My racy red toaster has been busy. I’m still seeking Earth Balance “Mindful Mayo.”

Breakfast blues
Bagel thins made it into my house and I dug out some pesto to make breakfast. A powerful aroma of blueberry hit me when I opened the package, so I scanned the label longer: New Thomas’ Blueberry Bagel Thins are made with whole grain with 110 calories a serving. I traded pesto for butter and had a splurge with far fewer calories, thanks to Thomas cutting out the middle of the bagel. My daughter and I were happy to get good bagel flavor without that heavy feeling that you over did it. Because of all the fiber, they satisfy your palate and bring a boost of flavor to your morning. Where was Thomas when I needed school-morning breakfasts?

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