Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shopping adventures tie in with good choices

Hubble & Hudson

A post birthday trip to The Woodlands finally brought me to the much-talked-about Hubble & Hudson gourmet grocery store. It’s one of those small, trendy places with fare from all over, and abundant samples. There’s wine, a bistro, cooking school, flowers, book signings and something colorful at every corner. We treated my aunt to an upscale burger and she treated us to fancy desserts. She also brought home cheese crackers (see mention below). Get there if you can.

Priestly question

At Mass, the priest threw out a question: Are we still as passionate about our New Year’s resolution as we were just a few short weeks ago? Because so many goals focus on a healthy diet and exercise, it’s important to remind ourselves that every day of better choices keeps us moving toward our goal. Eating real food makes me feel better, too. Stay passionate.

Cheese fat?

Keeping in mind the note above on health, I made an appealing breakfast that may sound iffy, but with portion control, was a pretty good “real food” choice. When Aunt Anne purchased cheese crackers, I told her how I made my own version my simply crisping up a little square of cheese in a skillet on the stove. It melts into a lacy round of crunchy goodness, and leaves behind some of the oils in the cheese. I made a big round and rolled it up like a tortilla and noticed enough oil to cook an egg, so I did. Amazing. The next day I melted cheese in the bottom of the skillet and cracked a single egg on top. After cooking it a bit I rolled it up and made two servings that satisfied until lunch.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Hubble. The great location and unique cuisine surrounding the place makes for a good restaurant hop, too!