Monday, April 16, 2012

Products go for natural stuff

There’s a popular brand of powder that you mix with water and turn in to “peanut butter.” I tried it and found it overpriced and not that tasty. I didn’t think I’d go there again, until Just Great Stuff came into my life Betty Lou’s distributes this organic powdered peanut butter with 85 percent less fat that traditional peanut butter. Coconut sugar and sea salt make the difference. A little of this goes a long way to fill you up with flavor. It’s a keeper.

Get saucy, not sweet

Who needs low-sugar products? Those who want to take control of their health and keep the flavor. Ali’s All Natural of Phoenix is aiming high and healthy, one sauce at a time. Three barbecue sauces from their line have 95 percent less sugar than the leading barbecue sauces. How does 1 gram of sugar sound? Pretty tasty, in Ali’s Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce. I heated up meats in the spicy and homestyle versions and left the table satisfied. I’ll be honest about Ali’s sugar-free strawberry flavored pancake syrup. I would have rather had them with no syrup at all. I give them credit for using purple carrot extract, beet juice and stevia, but if I had to have it with pancakes again, I’d have eggs instead.

Coyote Oaties sound as good as they taste

The Coyote Oaties people sent me a message that everything might be bigger in Texas, but some things are just better in Glendale Arizona. I’ll say this, the big mound of chocolate chips in these weighty cookies made even my baker friend howl. The mother-daughter creators include a wooden oval with the company logo that has a bite taken out, presumably by the satisfied coyote stamped on it. They claim those who take their first bites are on their way to becoming Coyote Oatie junkies. I want to try all variations of this cookie, and White Chocolate Macadamia is next. Sure they’re fun to eat. It’s even fun to say the name.

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