Sunday, April 29, 2012

PB&J Vodka

I held a container of clear liquid under my mom’s nose and asked her to guess what she smelled. While her first guess wasn’t peanut butter and jelly flavored vodka, she said it all made sense to her after I told her that’s exactly what it was. I soaked a sliced banana in some of the new Van Gogh product and jazzed up dessert. Later I did what the company suggested and tried over just rocks. The spring debut of this raspberry and vanilla tinged concoction is making headlines, because everybody is into PB&J. I imagine Elvis would have enjoyed this unusual beverage. But of course I keep mentioning it to people with mixed reactions. I suggest you mix it with just ice. Indulge in the beautiful bottle art, too.

Sisters & Friends

I saw both the sisters of Sisters & Friends at work. This Orange eatery is small, so it’s a good thing the group I was with phoned ahead. The steam table was ready for us with smothered pork chops and the like. But they’d already sold out of something like 40 crawfish pies for the day. Oh well. That’s another road trip back to Green Avenue. I ended up with chicken in a thick, sweet barbecue sauce and mac and cheese as one of my sides. Both the cornbread and cake came in little cubes of yellow wrapped in paper. They looked alike and both were sweet, but when you saw that good icing, you knew which to go for first.

A little birdie in my kitchen

I’m hooked on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” and I confess, it was a “Saturday Night Live” parody that introduced me to the real thing. I had it playing on my phone to greet my husband from a long flight. I noted the spot where he heard and recognized the song. Then, I hooked up ChicBuds’ Fauvette Platinum Edition amplified LOUD speaker in the guise of a plump black crystal birdie. All of a sudden, my song was blasting over a good portion of my front yard. The neighbors could be jamming. And the best thing, was I figured out how to use this electrical device all on my own. I’ll be plugging this little birdie into my kitchen for parties of one. That means I can crank up the music and make cleaning out the fridge fun. Chicbuds’ products are girly, yet completely high quality. You can get the birdie in other forms, such as an aqua and gold mottle. Chicboom is a keychain speaker. They’ve also got sparkly ear buds you can rock at the YMCA.

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