Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shelf liner victory

Shelf liner victory

Why is it a product seems everywhere when you don’t need it, then becomes impossible to find when you do?

I stopped at a half dozen stores seeking the perfect shelf paper and found victory with a nice pattern that puts me in mind of a tropical palm weave. It’s like my pantry spices and coffee tins are on vacation. It’s not actually shelf paper at all, but the thick, foamy-backed roll of vinyl are something that’s easy to put down and easy to clean off. If you haven’t shopped for shelf paper in a decade or two, consider replacing.

Shelves in my current home came with a blue, flowery pattern I couldn’t wait to hide. I lovingly cut and measured a marble-look paper with a peel-off back and enjoyed that a while. When it began looking scuffed, I discovered the thick, easy-clean stuff and simply rolled it over the marble. Then I found it in a cork design and put it on upper shelves, until I ran out. I modernized with a roll that resembled stainless steel. When that started to get that dingy look, I went on my latest mission.

Before I found the straw design, I found a lot of options that were practical, but just not to my taste. One was labeled to look like black leather. I don’t know about most kitchens, but that’s a pretty dark look for my small space. A pity, I never found it in purple “leather,” which would have been my pick.

Spring Roll Express

My sister got a well-deserved treat from me. We spent an afternoon at Pleasure Island then I took her to Spring Roll Express in Nederland, behind The Schooner. It was her first experience with the uncooked rice paper wrappers. We shared an order of crab rolls and a grilled shrimp salad. She loved the peanut sauce. The staff was patient and willing to talk visitors through their many selections.

As for our venture on Pleasure Island, we sat under the gazebo with fisher folk. The walk is back in place. It was fun to watch families enjoying the great weather. Back on the mainland, we headed to the board walk behind City Hall, home of Las Posadas, Bethlehem on the Boardwalk.

My sister said she’d take us to a tree where we’d find shade. I’m thinking, “What tree?” It was a palm tree that was shorter than me. It had long fronds and a spiky, scratchy base. I thought she was nuts, but she knew there was the perfect, flat rock under there. We sat in the shade, listened to the palms rustle and the water lap against the rocks as barges passed. It was a perfect Port Arthur Day.

The Schooner

This Nederland restaurant seems timeless. I had the good fortune to dine there on a recent lunch and enjoyed friendly staff and observing the mix of diners. There were office people, refinery workers, families and ladies who lunch. From my line of questioning the server suggested an off-the-menu salmon salad. It was a winner. Go see your old friends at The Schooner.

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