Sunday, May 20, 2012

St. Mary scores with new unit, Chef Andrews

St. Mary scores with new unit and Chef Andrews

Valero and Christus St. Mary Hospital get credit for teaming up for a top-notch pediatric unit with an under-the-sea theme. The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce sponsored a recent ribbon cutting. Carly Andrews, a chef there, gets credit for serving up a beautiful reception that wowed guests with avocado soup shooters. The creamy green soup came in small plastic glasses and were topped with tortilla ribbons or a sprig of cilantro. Panko shrimp and crab ceviche also made talk of the day.

Nuts to you

I harbor not one ounce of jealousy for my sister, who goes to Hawaii all the time. She brings me macadamia chocolates. I returned a nutty favor by sharing Betty Lou’s Nut Butter Balls in Coconut Macadamia. She said to tell y’all it’s good. It could have been my favorite from the lot of this line of individually-wrapped goodies that serve as a dessert or high-energy snack. Peanut Butter is already everyone’s favorite and these kick it up a notch with B-complex Vitamins in a “great for workouts” offering. I know some will concentrate on the gluten-free aspect while others will focus on the fact that almond butter, cashew pecan and spirulina ginseng are just yummy little combos.

Never Hung Over

I’m basically just telling you this is out there, I tried Never Hung Over with good results, but I wasn’t indulging in a way to push it. There’s actually a good story behind the little bottles that announce you can “Party Tonight; Feel Great Tomorrow.” A family developed this blend, designed to use as a shot or mixer, after the family’s father donated a kidney to his daughter. Someone else in the family sow now a nutrient-rich antioxidant enhanced recovery and this stuff was born. I didn’t find any unpleasant taste associated with the zero calorie, zero carb liquid. I broke out the bottles at a family party with guests of all ages and they were interested in the back story. In fact, we just couldn’t stop saying “Never Hung Over,” and some began making up pretend commercials and thinking back to Lucy in the Vitameatavegimin sketch.

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