Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic dining covers the world

Music and fanfare, hopes and dreams. The Olympics opening ceremonies make me cry every time. I love the pageantry and what it all stands for. My family planned ahead to tune in Sunday, but what to eat? My mom suggested fish and chips, what with London hosting. When we asked my daughter later, she suggested fish and chips. We had catfish and French fries, not a bad substitute. My sister picked up some samosas for an international flair. It wouldn’t have been hard to make me go Chinese. It’s never hard.

People know I’m not a sports expert, but what’s not to love about a whole country bonding over some hard work and dreams? My friend and I were discussing Nadia Comaneci’s 1976 gymnastic glory. I remember using the back of my grandma’s couch as a balance beam after that.

Go see Abbie

My mom’s new d├ęcor is Mediterranean, with gold, blue and paprika walls. We threw her a birthday party with a theme and most of the food came from Abbie’s Finest Mediterranean Food, Fannett Road in Beaumont. We loaded up on olives, flatbread, stuffed grape leaves, cous cous and tabouli. Shopping for the food is as much fun as eating it later. You can sample, and there’s a diner, so I had eggplant for lunch. It’s like a mini trip around the globe, which is all the better in Olympic season.

Beau meal

Beau Reve has done it again and impressed another family member with the entire experience, from atmosphere to dining to service. First timers love it and old timers love going back. I was treated there twice in one month and enjoyed a seafood salad and a shrimp dish. The tiny, rich dessert included with most luncheon items is like the icing on the cake, as they say. It’s great to have such a quality establishment in the Groves-Port Arthur area.

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