Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taste of Gumbo packs the house

Taste of Gumbo packs the house
 It was kind of like hearing "Elvis is in the building."
I kept hearing Esther Benoit was at Taste of Gumbo long before I found her and got my hug. In Port Arthur, her name is associated with gumbo now so is her son, Kurt's. They chatted at his Benoit's Cajun Cuisine booth.
DeQueen Elementary’s gumbo full of big chunks of chicken kept me coming back to their Taste of Gumbo booth. The Medical Center of Southeast Texas always has a popular pot and again people were talking it up. The Robert A. “Bob” Bowers Civic Center was full of friends for Saturday’s Rotary Club of Port Arthur Taste of Gumbo, Etc. My family was among happy diners. We are glad we stuck around to the end, when they announced the city of Port Arthur booth had crawfish boudain. Soooo good.. As Mark Porterie, King Gumbo, said, “Everybody’s happy.” We also appreciated Sweet Pea the D.J. for a crowd-pleasing mix of tunes.

Fair time
The Y.M.B.L.’s South Texas State Fair is in full swing at Ford Park in Beaumont, through Easter. I sampled some sausage there, and my other food tale is about the animals. I fed carrots to alpaca and other furry creatures I haven’t seen in every petting zoo. At first I wanted the goats to nibble, so I wouldn’t have to touch them too much. But it was so fun I let the others “slime” me with their thick tongues. I didn’t even have a kid with me for all this excitement.

Egg purse?
Egg-Tainer is designed to transport whole or deviled eggs, and I’ve made it my new salad purse. I love Snapware and this new Snap ‘N Stack two-level tote keeps your eggs from arriving in a a mess. The BPA-free stackable design with two removable egg holders  can go right to the table for serving. It’s dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and even offers a lifetime warranty.
The first box, with a handle, can carry your greens and the bottom can hold a container of dressing, croutons and other toppings. I can think of a dozen ways to use Egg-Tainer, even if you don’t have a dozen eggs.

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