Sunday, May 19, 2013

Capland, Quota and the bacon

Capland, Quota and the bacon
The appetizer looked a bit like chocolate bites, but upon closer inspection, it was bacon. Just as good or even better. Jane Nielson created caramelized bacon by spreading a mixture of ground pecans, maple syrup and black pepper onto short strips of thick bacon, then crisped. She was among a bunch of smiling Quota International of Southeast Texas representatives supporting the Capland Speech Therapy Center’s open house.
Doris R. Hale is the executive director of this place of good works.

H2O does seafood and meat
Turns out the fried pork at H20 Seafood Restaurant in Port Arthur is as good as the seafood. This attractive eatery is under new management and the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce helped announce this through a mingling and munching session. Cheese dip was amped up with crawfish, shrimp and crab and the pork caused a commotion of praise.
I teased hostess Courtney Nguyen for being very strict, because she urged me to pass on the red wine and choose white for a good cheese pairing. She wanted me to have my very best dining experience and wouldn’t hear of me sampling a cabernet in a glass that had just a drop of a more dry blend in it. She got me a new glass. She knows what she is talking about.

Wine selections
Here are some offerings from Holman Ranch Vineyards
Estate Grown Chardonnay: This 2010 release is labeled “A fine food wine,” so I tested it with guacamole mild enough to enjoy this wine’s honey and toast flavors. It’s “long on the palette,” and that should help you savor the experience.
Clones 146 and 152 vines make Pinos Gris a dry offering with honey and citrus tastes. Pairs with an evening on the patio.

Barbecue for diabetics
Trinity Hill Farms offers this all natural no-sugar added, low glycemic, diabetic-safe sauce that is just 10 calories a serving.  My future son-in-law says the bottle looks like bottle of Stubb’s sauce, but it doesn’t taste like it. I used this sauce in a ham and onion breakfast sandwich. If you have health reasons that make you seek a sauce like this, look them up.

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