Monday, May 27, 2013

Coconut water trending

Navitas Naturals pouches always hold something new and interesting. By new, I mean a presentation on ancient superfoods other cultures have enjoyed for years, and we Americans are just getting wind of. “Food for the Modern Life” is written over a package of freeze-dried powder that mixes up into chocolate coconut water. Kind of sweet and tropical, it’s a light way to stock up on vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and get hydrated. Sports enthusiasts have been talking about coconut water and this is my first time to play with it. I used a blender to mix one serving, a tablespoon at 35 calories, with water. I liked the water as is, but I’m willing to play with banana and other mix-ins.

PB trick
I just learned to love spray glue, until I tried to get the residue off my hands. I remember reading that peanut butter can help get gum out of hair. I rubbed about a half a tablespoon onto my hands and they came clean.

Found the Shiritaki
House Foods has shiritaki yam noodles I found at H-E-B. What a healthy choice. A little sauce and they were ready to go in no time. This comes after my Houste Foods tofu experiments that  went so well.

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