Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bacon, fennel tea and no-mayo trick


Capland, Quota and the bacon
The appetizer looked a bit like chocolate bites, but upon closer inspection, it was bacon. Just as good or even better. Jane Nielson created caramelized bacon by spreading a mixture of ground pecans, maple syrup and black pepper onto short strips of thick bacon, then crisped. She was among a bunch of smiling Quota International of Southeast Texas representatives supporting the Capland Speech Therapy Center’s open house.
Doris R. Hale is the executive director of this place of good works.

It’s real green tea.
Fun with fennel
Sweet gardener Jody Perricone Holton passed a bouquet of feathery fennel to me, because she is growing it for the bulbs. She suggested I make tea with some of the tops. Just a pinch flavored my hot water into an anise/licorice sensation. I left the fronds in water overnight and came back to find a pitcher full of water as green as mouthwash. I liked it, but my daughter said it was like drinking a glass of Italian sausage.
By the way, Holton is seeking bees for her garden. Anyone?

Hold the mayo
I’m not even a fan of the fast food breakfast sandwich, but I had all the ingredients, so made a version at home. Instead of adding extra calories of a spread, I sprinkled chili powder inside. It melded into the cheese and egg and tasted like a gourmet version of a drive-through selection.

Barbecue for diabetics
Trinity Hill Farms offers this all natural no-sugar added, low glycemic, diabetic-safe sauce that is just 10 calories a serving.  My future son-in-law says the bottle looks like bottle of Stubb’s sauce, but it doesn’t taste like it. I used this sauce in a ham and onion breakfast sandwich. If you have health reasons that make you seek a sauce like this, look them up.

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