Sunday, November 17, 2013

Culinary explorers, slow down for tea

Numi Organic Tea
Of course I love the Jasmine Green from China, with “hints of moonlight,” because that’s my daughter’s name. But Chamomile Lemon from Egypt gives it a run for the money.
Opening the black bamboo box of Numi Organic Tea’s World of Tea Collection is a surprise and a treat each time, though I’ve come to memorize which section holds Gunpowder Green from Taiwan and Breakfast Blend from England. Numi says it’s a great gift for the culinary explorer, hey’ that’s us! But I’d consider it a gift for my own, private self. Might share if it brought the promise of good company. Makers invite you to travel the world sip by sip through organic, non-GMO and fair trade certified teas. Fall is perfect for a warm cup of Golden Chai for India with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. There’s more of the globe to travel through these flavors that smell and taste so enticing. This is a box of both quantity and quality.
Numi has plenty more to offer. Here’s a beverage you can make with another Numi product.

Created by James Labe
1 Numi Orange Spice Tea Bag
8 ounces Apple Cider
2 ounces dark rum
Heat Cider until very hot. Steep 1 Tea Bag directly in Cider for 5 minutes, covered. Uncover, add Rum and stir. Garnish with Cinnamon Stick.

Salba’s chia is smart
Salba’s Chia Seeds packets call you names. “Hey Smarty Pants!” the back label begins, and describes how the ground and whole seeds “respect your brain and your body.” will tell you more about Omega-3 and such. Smarty Pants also need to know what to do with these seeds. I like the slight crunch they make topping a slice of apple and peanut butter. Of course, you can mix them into smoothies. They can get “hidden” in lots of foods, but hey, I respect these tiny guys like they respect me, so bring on the chia. Go ahead, make chia pet jokes. These grains can take it. I want more.

Look who went ranch
StarKist Tuna Creations has a new 80-calorie ranch flavored single serve that brings a little summer into your  meal routine. Rip open a bag and sprinkle it over a lettuce salad or make it the focal point of your plate with fresh veggie sides. This is a cut above the same-old tuna and mayo deal. It’s light and different and the pouch makes eating healthy very convenient. I ate one for lunch and couldn’t wait for lunch the next day.

Pumpkin trending update:
The Almond Board of California is in on the pumpkin trend. Their website includes a recipe for Almond Crusted Pumpkin Cheese Pie. Go to

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