Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mushroom Pate

Sometimes life gives you lemons, but this time a friend shared mushrooms. I looked up variations of a mushroom pate but I needn’t have. My intuition was spot on when I blended steamed shrooms and onions with oregano from the garden, garlic cloves, parsley and olive oil. They were splendid on crackers for a supper on the patio. The scant leftovers went well with egg on toast the next morning. If I do it again, I’ll ask to borrow a bit of my mother’s cooking sherry, or something like it.

Cookina Barbecue Reusable Cooking Sheet has a tampon included. Oh, that’s the French side. That’s a scour pad included. I want to cook like a French person. This sheet allows you to grill everything from meat and vegetables to eggs, bake cookies in the oven and make pancakes on a grill without adding extra fat. So you’re saving money by not using foil. Chef George Duran is a fan. The instructions say you clean up this revolutionary mat with a soak and wipe down. Don’t use scouring pads, it says twice, though in one of those graphs it says to use the scouring pad included.

Enough funny stuff. I would love to try everything it can do, taste it all and tell you about it, but grilling season is upon us. I’m letting you know it’s out there with its non-stick self, is PFOA free, ,reusable, reversib, easy to clean and cuts to size.

No-hassle gifting for dad, grad or anyone.
While food is the perfect gift for me, I’d add it’s a pretty good gift for anyone. is looking ahead to Father’s day with packaging for golf, charcol and sweet lovers with edible incredibles like something they call Tuxedo Popcorn for the Elegant Dad, with white and milk chocolate, or 71 other flavors from Even naked popcorn is my favorite. This is nearly too much.
My mother shared cheese biscuits, peanut butter pretzel nuggets and my favorite, min chocolate malt balls, that were packaged around a very springy garden theme. English Watering Can – Gardening Gift Basket, has a keepsake to remember the day, after all the treats are eaten. Make sure you present these gifts in a crowd, so then you won’t have to say you ate the whole thing alone. Share, people.

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