Monday, May 26, 2014

Perky Jerky, jarred onions & hemp

Perky Jerky and new flavors
My daughter dug in to the “Hot & Bothered” Perky Jerky a full week before I got to try it and deemed it the best jerky she’d ever had. Then I came along to confirm that call. It’s soft, spicy and didn’t hurt my teeth. The flavor perfect. Perky Jerky, is a high-protein invigorating lean protein snack that is free of nitrites, preservatives and MSG. It’s on the paleo, gluten-free, Atkins, low-carb and and other lists. What’s the secret to “ultra premium beef and turkey jerky?” Perky Jerky’s marinade includes guarana, which is bears a fruit similar to the coffee bean. It tenderizes and sweetens the meat, and provides a burst of energy. The makers say the body metabolizes the protein and energy together, resulting in sustained energy. Brian Levin and buddies were skiing when they spilled an energy drink on jerky and this is what came of that. Go figure. A portion of all Perky Jerky proceeds go to support the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome. Perky Jerky strongly supports The Foundation For Their Sake, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, The Jeff Foundation, Gals for Cal and The Global Down Syndrome Foundation. What a well-rounded product.
No longer punishment food
If I’d have run across jars of onions and cabbage as a kid, I’d have been running the other way. Thank goodness my tastes have changed. Aunt Nellie’s jars of whole Holland-style onions features perfect globes of white onions in water, sugar and citric acid that go in salads. Ironically raw onions are about my favorite salad garnish, so I’m eating soft onions with fresh ones. Aunt Nellie also outdid herself with a jar of sweet and sour red cabbage that will go a long way to garnish your salads with color and flavor.  Recipes right on the jars are for classic creamed onions and the cabbage served with apples and ham. These are not items my southern experience has brought in my path before, but I’m running to these jars now.
Hemp bites
Nutiva’s new O’Coconut is a bite of lightly sweetened organic fair trade coconut with 60 calories and O-Coconut Hemp & Chia has “additional” nutty flavor and the nutritional benefits of Omega-3s. Very sweet and very wholesome is how I’d describe these goodies with a macaroon feel. I kind of felt my skin get nourished as I was enjoying a bite of the bite of the hemp one.

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