Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bacon on the brain

My mom tried a recipe for this Dijon mustard spread that you bake onto a head of cauliflower. She added a bacon weave, so the finished work looked like a brain with a bacon cap. We called it Bacon on the Brain. The spread had seemingly-flavorful ingredients, but didn’t taste like anything, so the bacon did become the star. In thinking about people who love vegetables, we thought this would make a great presentation for vegetarians, before remembering that of course, they don’t eat bacon. This is like trying to turn on the lights to find the candles because the electricity is out.

Hominy salads are there?
My husband needed a covered dish for work so I thought about what I had on hand: Rice and hominy. How about a salad with that? I Googled it, it’s a thing. Closer to the event, I didn’t have the time to make the rice, so it became a straight up hominy salad. I snagged some for my lunch and found my mixture of red and green onions, chipotle seasoning and fresh oregano leaves with vinegar and oil to be quite refreshing.
When the subject of hominy grits comes up, my husband invariably  asks “I don’t know? How many grits are there?”
There was apparently only one hominy salad at the covered dish.

The all-day tea bag
There’s something beyond my frugal nature (thanks, Dad) that drives me to employ the all-day tea bag technique. We’re supposed to drink lots of water, and I genuinely feel better when I do. So when I pull out one of my favorites, Tazo’s Passion flavor with hibiscus, I drop it in a pitcher of warm water and let it do its thing. So the first glasses are a deep red, and I keep adding water throughout the day until it’s a still-tasty light pink and I have drunk as much as I should to stay rehydrated in a Southeast Texas summer. I don’t consider that I’m drinking tea so much as delightfully flavored water.
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