Sunday, August 3, 2014

Drinking your beets and other new flavors

Can’t beet it
I thought I hated beets. Must have been turnips, because the ruby-red beauty of a packet of BeetElite tasted refreshing and nourishing. It was like a cocktail, but you’re actually supposed to mix it up with water and take it like a shot. And, I walked that track, tackled the grocery store and mowed the back yard in good spirits.
Neogenis Sport of Austin Texas is a leader in Nitric Oxide research and cardiovascular products and Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes globally are already using it. The single shot delivers the Nitric Oxide Power of 6 beets or two half-liter bottles of beet juice; is consumed 30 minutes before exercise;  and is designed to allow one to work out longer and harder with improved ability to breathe and better energy, give better energy throughout the day, improve recovery times due to improved blood flow and lessen soreness and stiffness. Okay, I know some of you exercise nuts will be all over this. Go to for all this technical stuff. Though I’m thinking people who read this column will be satisfied to know that to this foodie, it tasted good and I felt great. Really great. And accomplished.

Getting Zest-Tea
Samples of Zest-Tea came at exactly the right time: Summer in Southeast Texas. It’s hot as blazes but the yard work still needs to be done and you have errands involving a hot car. Cool down and fuel up with Zest-Tea Energy Blends. I got a morning full of chores done while refreshing myself with Earl Grey Black, Nilgiri Indian Black Tea & Bergamot. The floral scent is strong, emitting from mesh bags that show your cup of herbs floating around and transforming your water into something powerful, and it offers more caffeine per cup than any other tea brand. The label on the sleek tin refers you to a graph noting your Zest Black offers more caffeine than a cup of coffee. And it tells a story on how you can thank Charles “Chaz” Gray for his tea love in the 1830s. The Apple Cinnamon Black and Blue Lady Black offer 155 mg. caffeine a cup, equal to a coffee or three cups of “normal” tea. Both taste full and “important,” as does the Pomegranate Mojito Green “high-octane” tea. You will notice the difference in flavor. will fill you in.

A 60-calorie black cherry real-fruit ice bar made my day. I sampled the Fruttare bar I got from Walmart with great joy. A coconut milk bar with slightly more calories put my family in a tropical sensation. Of course, everyone likened it to a pina colada, without the alcohol. Sustainable products make you feel good about buying it, too. I wouldn’t mind trying all the fruit and milk fruity flavors.

Cow Wow
Jimmy Kimmel says Cow Wow tastes like heaven, according to makers of this naturally flavored organic lowfat milk. What makes him a culinary authority? He’s as much one as I am for a product that claims to be “The best part of the bowl” and flavored like the bottom of a bowl of cereal. That’s right, this box and straw combo is filled with flavors like Cinny Minny, Chocolate Chip Cathy and Fruity Trudy. Labels feature a cow very much enjoying a bowl of cereal. Follow? It’s all good. Really, it’s quite smooth and refreshing going down. And you don’t get that cereal aftertaste. Lunch boxes, make room for Cow Wow Cereal Milk.

Get Popping
Is it easy, healthy and fun to pop your own corn? Yes!
Is someone else’s flavorful work delivered to your door sounding good? Yeah. Capital Corn & Confections offers all-natural popcorn in 12 crazy varieties including Red Velvet and Cookies and Cream. Need you corn to from their place to whoever is having a celebration? Try sending some Cinnamon Bun, which is gooey and sweet and crispy and I’ve spoiled my dinner. Never mind. That was dinner. Vinegar and Salt also packs a punch. Pick your flavor (good luck with that) and pick your size at

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