Thursday, August 14, 2014

Deep Eddy is a taste of Austin in New York

A taste of Austin has arrived in New York state
I finally got some tastes of the Austin-based Deep Eddy Vodka products everyone has been raving about. New York is one of 48 states that now can enjoy the flavors of sweet tea, cranberry and – the one I was eager to experience – Ruby Red, of Texas grapefruit fame. You’re welcome America, from Texas.  Other Lone Star residents need to get on the ball and give it a try.
The vintage-looking bathing beauty on the label is beckoning from ads in Texas Monthly and other publications.
I hope to soon get myself to Dripping Springs, where Deep Eddy Vodka will be opening a distillery and tasting room. The company makes the flavors with real ingredients. They are gluten-free and are handcrafted in small batches in its distillery in Austin, since 2010. That Ruby Red is my favorite blend of this quality, refreshment. Here’s a little recipe:
Ruby Fizz
Presecco or Champagne
1 ounce Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, chilled
Serve in a Champagne flute
A Quest for chips
Quest Protein Chips boast 21 grams of protein in a 120-calorie serving of cheddar and sour cream chips. They’re baked, never fried, the label proclaims, but what exactly is it being baked? These “chips, evolved” are a mix of dried potatoes, corn starch, milk derived ingredients and whey powder with colorings like paprika extract and turmeric. Verdict? I glanced at the tempting package all morning in anticipation of using them as the crunch over my salad and… enjoyed every bite.
I shared some sea salt and barbecue versions of these chips with a person who loves healthy foods, and she was very excited, too.
Walk the flock
Diestel Turkey Ranch of Sonora, Calif., invites you to taste the difference of its not-rushed, range-grown turkey. I did and I do. Smoked, peppered and otherwise seasoned deli meats have the convenience you want without that super-salty “fake” taste. Here’s why: The Non-GMO slices have no gluten, phosphates, MSG, nitrates, antibiotics and other unpleasant additions. It tastes real because it is whole meat with no fillers. I’ve been chopping it into salads and stuffing it into mushroom caps. Look at their web site to learn more about how they walk the flock and take care of those turkeys before you get to eat them.

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