Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Willie, Willy good!

The Hee Haw at Willie Burger is a Texas Bucket List best burger pick, and I’m also raving at the concoction featuring pimento cheese, bacon and a fried green tomato. It’s a fine experience. 

My aunt recently had one and claimed it was the first burger she’d ever had with bacon. A skeptical table mate asked to see receipts to prove this claim.
So Willy Burger in Beaumont, with its adorable diner theme, is “Willy, W

illy good” as promised. I’m very much wanting to try its neighbor, Crown Pizza, featuring a tiny space with gourmet blends. It’s so popular, I’m going to have to wait a while to experience this.

Blue Bell’s flavors
A friend gave me half a carton of Blue Bell Italian Cream Cake so she wouldn’t have it in her house to tempt her any more. I was not aware this product existed. It is a very nice thing.

The BerryBreeze Revolution
I’m so into not wasting food that I protect fresh produce in particular containers to keep them fresh. I know you don’t all do this and are disappointed to keep heading to fridge and finding your healthy foods in plastic bags of soupy mush you must discard. Then you buy more and the same thing happens.
BerryBreeze says it can keep foods in your fridge from spoiling two to three times longer while maintaining freshness and nutritional value. The sleek white machine produces activated oxygen  that is like cool mountain air to your veggies and herbs. It oxygenates and reinvigorates fruits as well, so you can save, like tons of money and reduce your carbon footprint.
I got permission to put the little contraption in a relative’s refrigerator. This woman said she doesn’t have a problem with food spoilage, but as the person who goes regularly cleans her fridge just for kicks, I wonder if she has a grip on what mushy things leave that cold, dark place. I looked inside after a while and determined I’d eat what I saw, so BerryBreeze passed that test.
Then I took it to my fridge and we are getting along fine. Since I’m already a fan of Market Basket’s dollar bags of produce that should be eaten very soon, I’m pleased with the notion of hanging onto the food even a little longer. Sometimes it seems odd to buy something that in the long run helps you save money, but the benefits are very high.

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