Friday, August 22, 2014

My Mom's Bloody Mary

My Mom’s Bloody Mary
Here’s just a reminder you don’t need liquor at all to make a memorable Bloody Mary. My mom mixed up a batch of tomato juice with some herbs and spices. With basil and skewers of olives adorning the pitcher, it made an elegant presentation. I don’t know exactly what she put in there, but I’d go with Worcestershire sauce, lime and garlic for starters.
Tay’s Gourmet
I invited my mom over for a granola bar. We’re not talking about a bar of crunchy stuff. I let her sample Tay’s Gourmet Power Granola with big chunks of pumpkin seeds, toasted flax seeds, pecans, almonds and other really good stuff. Everyone who has tasted these flavors from resealable pouches have pronounced them much better than granola they have become used to. My mom asked if I remembered when she made her own blend in the ‘70s. It’s good like that.
I told my daughter what we were doing and she reminded me her birthday was coming and to save some of the Cranberry Nutty Crunch for her.
Power Berry is what I’m sharing with my healthy friend at work. I’m keeping Banana Pecan Crunch and Blueberry Coconut Crunch largely to myself. It’s good alone in a bowl or as a dessert topping. Of course, you can add milk to your bowl, if you like. Traditional and amazing.
“Tay” manufactures this in Mansfield, Texas and it has a Go Texan stamp.Tay’s Gourmet is by Tamara Hext Hilliard, former Miss Texas and Miss America runner-up. Hilliard originally created her own unique mix of roasted nuts, dried fruits and flax seed to give to family and friends as holiday gifts. Look for it at area Walmart stores.

What’s new in  yogurt
While attending a big event, I saw countless people walking around with Chobani Greek Yogurt bowls. I was very impressed that so many people were picking this healthy treat over other snack options. I later realized a big yogurt truck had free samples. Fortunately, I was not too late to try some new twists, with grapefruit being my favorite. This flavor seems to be trending. Watermelon, pineapple and fruit with oatmeal are other twists. Yep, the steel-cut oats and blueberries were right in the cup of yogurt. It worked.

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