Sunday, April 12, 2015

Patillo's links diners to tradition

Patillo’s links diners to tradition

Ever since that Texas Monthly barbecue editor spoke at the McFaddin-Ward House, I’ve been on a mission to get to Patillo’s in Beaumont. Saturday, after a meatless Good Friday, my family got coated in sauce. We shared some ribs and a link, with the juicy link being our favorite. It’s just fun to go in and breathe in the aromas, visit with the waitresses and watch everyone else enjoying their food, too. It’s another reason to love Southeast Texas and all we have to offer.
Nappa cabbage
I’m mom has always been an innovative cook, serving things that no other of my classmates had ever experienced. She attempted true gourmet dishes way before there were cooking channels everywhere.
She just mentioned she’d never cooked nappa cabbage or bok choy at home, so I went out and presented her with a head of nappa. Knock yourself out, I told her. I had already sneaked off a few outer layers of this delicately, ribbed cabbage to use in salads before I gave it to her. So she invited me to dinner and it turns out she’d used the cabbage to make into “unstuffed” cabbage rolls, with a tomato sauce and meat.
Of course it was good, but I sure thought she was going to highlight this nappa’s beauty in some Asian dish. When I quizzed her, she assured me the last leaves would swing that way.

Onion tips
Pinterest is great for gardeners. I’ve had a little success snipping off the root end of onions and planting them to grow green onions. Word out is that onions from the store are treated to generally prevent this sort of recycling. If I plan 10 roots, maybe one or two of them will begin to grow. Readers, I’m wondering of you all have any tips on this. Let me know at the contact below:
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