Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holiday highlights include mix of flavors, friends

In the spirit of friendship and new experiences, I always try to attend a holiday event I’ve never tried and entertain someone who has never been over. I made goal, and made new friends.
Culinary highlights over this stretch have included:
* 90 percent cocoa chocolate (more on that later)
* Not one, but two versions of biscotti
* Popcorn in myriad flavors
* Not one, but two high-quality steaks from Jack’s Pak-It
* Chicharrones with lime my mom served with a green salsa over cream cheese
* Traditional New Year’s caviar, with the leftovers topping an omelet
* Not one, but three kinds of  tamales

Those Texas-shaped boxes of Tex-Joy products packaged right down the street in Beaumont and enjoyed all over the place are a hot ticket.
I won one at a church event that included some coffee and an array of jars of seasoning, including Tex-Joy Butt and Rib Tickler Pork Rub. I put that all over some nice steaks I seared, then baked, according to Jack’s Pak-It meat market instructions.
As guests visited my home over the holidays, I felt a little generous and shared. Now I’m down to Old West Mesquite Shake and Special Bar-B-Q Seasoning Rub. These products of the Texas Coffee Company are a way to flavorfully support local business. Shake some around.

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