Sunday, August 7, 2016

Peggy's on the Bayou stepping up menu


         Peggy’s on the Bayou is now a Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce member. Peggy Albair and family serve of Cajun fried goodness and hamburgers that taste like real meat. All of that is right on the water. Literally. If you step out of the back porch screen door you have gone too far. George the gator will be waiting for you.
At this point, just go back inside to enjoy good stuff like crab cake, oysters, catfish and chicken fried steak.
Albair says pumpkin pancakes are on the way to her breakfast menu and a jalapeno, garlic cheddar biscuit is also about to roll out. I want to be there to catch it. What does she already do with her jalapeno bread? She makes it into bread pudding, and adds whiskey sauce.

Steen’s syrup trick
Who’s familiar with the yellow can of Steen’s? One always came back with us from Louisiana trips, along with loaves of French bread.
Now, here’s what Greg Rodgers said his Nanna did with her syrup: She mixed it with sour cream and put it on biscuits.

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