Monday, August 1, 2016

Sprouting lettuce and diabetes

                      I have a habit of cutting off every onion root and planting it. A fairly good percentage have come back to give me green onion tops, which are tops with me.
                      I recently tried to sprout lettuce. My husband was pretty impressed. I just put the root in a dish of water and there was soon a tiny, tiny future salad sprouting. Those who claim they don’t have a green thumb may be setting their sights too high. Give it a shot.

              “Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy”
                      Try adding sherry to a marinade for chicken or meat. Dress up coffee with a spot of hazelnut liquer.
                      Did you imagine these tips came from a book for diabetics?
                      The message is that you can experiment with a little bit of alcohol for flavor and not fat by, say, adding orange liqueur to a fruit salad or poaching fruit in red wine.
                      Hope Warshaw presents “Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy,” with the charts and tips you need to get to the store and stock your pantry for success.         
                      So now maybe you have this new diagnosis, or you finally started to eat how the doctor suggested a long time ago. This book can in spire you to get your flavor from lemon juice, horseradish, vinegar, etc. and be responsible and secure in your serving sizes.
                      Sure it’s a mind set. A delicious one. Are you worth it?
                      Here are a few more tips:

              * Choose low-fat or fat-ree milk and yogurt.
              * Eat more plant-based protein foods.
              * Choose reduced-fat and part-skim cheeses.
              * When you eat in restaurants, order water, diet soda, 100 percent fruit jice or low-fat milk.

 Vers     Armed with a passel of stocked-up gift cards, we headed to my Mom’s Sunday morning birthday breakfast for her first experience at a stand-alone Starbucks. She hadn’t tried one that wasn’t already “in” another space. We had an adventure at the new big one at 3850 College Street in Beaumont and got our fill of icy, chocolaty coffee and shared bites of various pastries.

                      You can have some good personal time all alone at a Starbucks, power up your tablet and connect to the world or enjoy the company that came with you. We visited with a bunch of Austin teens who were glad to be back home to Texas, even though they enjoyed a week at a Young Life camp in Georgia.
                      It was just good to get out and chat with people. The best part, we still have $5 bucks left on the a gift card. That’s one more coffee.

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