Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cocoa almonds a trending snack

Cocoa trend
Apparently cocoa-dusted almonds are a trend, because I saw two brands in the same store. I bagged a canister of Blue Diamond Natural Oven-Roasted Almonds in dark chocolate and I’m in love. They’re so satisfying that I’ve been eating them one serving at a time, as we all should, but often don’t. Blue Diamond makes it easy by noting the ounce size on the side of the label, so you can shake out about 24 nuts at a time. Nice touch.

The $7 sweet

Make a sweet salad, put out some nuts, fruit and white cheese and pick up a bottle of Barefoot Red Moscato. Moscato is making the news and it’s a light, refreshing summer kind of drink. I enjoyed some by a rooftop pool observing the summer skyline. I was on the lookout for notes of fresh peach and orange blossom layered with pomegranate and raspberry aromas. I found that with a sweet citrus finish. I’m so thankful for labels that point me in the right direction. Barefoot White is the most-awarded California wine under $15 and Barefoot Bubbly is the most awarded sparking wine under $20. Don’t be one of those wine snobs. Go Barefoot this summer.

No-fish water

I know some people who don’t even like their fish dinner to taste “fishy.” Omega-3Water is touted as the country’s first natural, flavored water with omega-3 nutrients and the company isn’t messing around. They assure that since their nutrients are sourced from flax seed, no fish taste is EVER included. I’m a fan of the Orange Kiwi while Bold Berry is the pick of my heal-conscience acquaintance. This stuff is bottled so you can take it with you, but makers want you to enjoy it chilled, like I did. I think it’s a good low-cal cocktail mix in. It’s a good feeling to know you’re refreshing your self without a sugar overload. You be the mega-2 fatty acid judge.

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