Friday, June 15, 2012

Reader's request: Murphys icing and potoato bread

Two other culinary thrill seekers have asked for help through this column, so if you can help, send me an e-mail. Reader Penny Daigle writes: “I read your column with the recipe for zucchini bread & I was hoping you could help me find a similar recipe for potato bread. I made it years ago & it was very good but I lost the recipe. It was not for potato biscuits or anything else, it made a loaf. I have not been able to find anything like it & I thought perhaps you would know of one. I enjoy your columns very much. Thanks for any help you can give.” Readers, if you have one, type it up and mail it to me, and they we can all have it. Thanks in advance. Sherrie Hardesty started with her age, perhaps so I would know she was authentic in experiencing the iconic Murphy’s cakes from Port Arthur. “We bought all our cakes and such from them. Just moved back to Texas eight years ago and wondering if y’all got the cake icing recipe. Please, I got to have it,” she writes. It’s “just the regular one” she wants. Olive love I tried and succeeded in saving the blue cheese stuffed olives until my husband got home. West Coast Products, a grower and processor of domestic olives, launches a new line of stuffed olives in its 75th Anniversary year and this combo are two family favorites. The wait was worth it. The Olinda brand Sicilian style green olives also come in varieties I didn’t wait to try: Lemon Peel Stuffed; Habanero Stuffed; and Pimento Stuffed. Olinda Olives and California-certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil is supplied to restaurants, distributors, and specialty retail stores and you can get your own. They use salt brine, no lye. I may have loved the lemon the best, even though I’m a hot pepper fanatic. I savored a sample pack, indulging in just two at a time. Other products include Sicilian style whole olives, Greek Kalamata style olives, sun-dried olives, and California-certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The sun-dried are moist and crinkly. West Coast Products is family owned and operated since 1937. I’ll bet you’ll love their work as much as my family did. Garlic Gold Does fragrant, crunchy garlic send you to a happy place? I held a bottle of Rinaldo’s Organic Real Garlic gold Nuggets while I ate with another, so these tasty tidbits would keep shaking out onto homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers. Just sprinkle it on, the label urges. Count me in as urging you, too. Garlic Gold has a line that includes classic Balsamic Vinaigrette, which also made me smile. But all I really want to do is crunch some more. Look for more in this organic line: • Traditional garlic packed in organic extra virgin olive oil • Garlic Nuggets combined with other seasonings for a flavorful condiment to shake on everything from meats to vegetables • Garlic infused extra virgin olive oil • Garlic vinaigrettes including the popular Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

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