Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gourmet to grits

I thought my phone was taking me to Hubble & Hudson in The Woodlands, but I ended up at Hubble & Hudson Kitchen. It turned out to be a fine place to be. I went through the line for a spicy lamb burger and sweet potato fries in a mini fry basket. You can chose from dozens of wines and they’ll uncork it for you. Take your meal to a dimly-lighted dining area and you’re in business.

I was pleased to locate the Hubble & Hudson grocery store a short drive away, so then it was time for dessert. I chose a salty caramel ice cream sandwich on macaroons with smoked almonds that blew me away. It was nearly done when I noted on the box it came from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams from Columbus, Ohio. Not only have I enjoyed her flavors, I have heard her speak. That ice cream sandwich spoke to me.

Grits hit of opening

Some guests were already enjoying an elaborate “cocktail” before knowing what it was. Christus Chemotherapy and Infusion Center at Christus St. Mary Hospital had a Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting featuring an artful display of samplings by hospital staff. Tiny clear, square cups showed off a big shrimp on top of, what exactly? It was the famous southern blend of shrimp and grits that our Carolina cousins love so much.

Red Party Cup

You can take it anywhere, but you’d better hang onto it. Those red, plastic party cups that go together like chips and dips have a new twist, thanks to Trudeau, who made a sturdy, recyclable replica they like to call, Red Party Cup. I love it. Eco-friendly, BPA-free and good-feeling in your hand, it’s part-approved. Use it around the house so every day will feel like a gathering. It’s as cool as it is clever.

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