Sunday, February 17, 2013

"9 to 5" coffee break a hit


“9 to 5” opens with wine cheese and coffee
The stars of Port Arthur Little Theatre’s “9 to 5: The Musical” have taken everything we love about the classic movie and added their own creative touches. Opening-night laughter included my chuckles and smiles. Friday’s premier included a wine and cheese reception and complimentary coffee with a notice about the number of caffeine breaks allowed.
Catch this show and enjoy Katy Mulvany go from mouse to tigress as new-girl Judy; Krista Courts as Violet, who knows how to get things done; and Carrie Wilson as Texas-gal Doralee who’s got all that heart to go with all that hair. These women kept the show going at a rapid pace with help from a spirited cast. Jeri Boudreaux Sullivan gets extra laughs as Roz, the office busy body who has a not-so-secret thing for that no-good boss man Franklin, played by Jeff Courts.
I loved all the touches from ‘80s-style leg warmers and Violet’s violet costuming to songs that relate to just about every office and sets that rotate into everything the cast needs. Sanka anyone?
Okay readers, I’ve worked some food references in to get this in Culinary Thrill Seeking. My Sunday column wouldn’t give you much time to see the show, which continues March 1-3. Visit for more information.

Thin is in
Now that I read up on Blue Diamond’s new fresh-roasted, thin-shell almonds, it was almost too easy for them. They made their great, fresh product even better by reducing the consumer work load of shelling. Almonds go from the orchard into a slow-roasting process that makes them so thin they’re super-easy to open. The hand-to-mouth time is reduced in your favor and the reward is crunchy goodness. It’s my new snack of the season in unsalted green label and “hint of sea salt” blue label. Everyone who’s been around me to share uses their free hand to give a thumbs up.

Sparkling ICE Weather
Peach Nectarine and Crisp Apple are two new flavors of an already great product: Sparkling Ice, available at Walmart. I usually pass on fruity drinks because they have so many calories. Sparkling ICE has zero of them but does have natural flavor, vitamins and antioxidants and is lightly carbonated. I love these two straight up and they could join the party as mix-in for adult beverages. After pouring a fizzy peach nectarine, I got spring and summer on my radar. Bring on the new flavors and get crazy with the rest of the line, which features coconut pineapple and kiwi strawberry.

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