Saturday, February 23, 2013

Copy your favorite snacks froms scratch

It’s part art, part science and part temptation. Casey Barber shows home cooks how to make versions that look and taste like your favorite snacks from Mint Milanos, and Mallomars to Goldfish Crackers. There are pages of this stuff and the photos look just like the professional versions. This book is fascinating and you get to know Barber and get some fun facts about your snack attack picks. 
I’m not gonna like, some of the processes are long, but if you’re working on a family fave, it sounds like fun. Even if you don’t make the actual product as designed, you still get “secrets” like how they make Dorito’s go all “cool ranch.”
Barber got me in her sweets and candies section when she writes that sometimes “bowl of popcorn = dinner. I love when that happens.

Sunny side blue
Go gourmet with two ingredients. I made a quick and memorable meal by frying an egg and melting blue cheese on top. Okay, you can cook with olive oil and add red pepper if you want to get really complicated.

Pass the Clongs
Okay germ freaks, get ready for Dreamfarm, an Australian design company that has a colorful way of solving problems.
There’s a bend in their kitchen utensils that keeps the bowl of your spoon, or silicone Supoon off the counter. The tongs become Clongs, and feature a click button to close them up. Models in yellow, pink, red, purple, etc., color up your kitchen.
New items feature a mini Supoon with a flat bottom that becomes a spatula to get every last scrape from your jar and the Chopula Steel chopping sit-up spatula. You other utensils will welcome the company.

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