Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hiding carrots and getting out of a jam

One of my college-era friends posted on his Facebook that he had chili with carrots ground up in it. I replied that I had recently cooked up a batch of what I called Gratitude Chili for Martin Luther King Day. It was made with things that people gave me, and it all combined well. I had ground up carrots in that and had actually Googled “things to hide in chili.”
That’s how I found out about white or green vegetable purees people make up to “hide” vegetables in meatloaf and other dishes. It’s no secret that I like to experiment and eat healthy, so people automatically think I’m hiding some rare ingredient, even when I’m not.
In a jam?
Does your fridge have lots of jars with a little dab of jam or jelly? Most fruits mix well, so try what I did. I had a pretty jar with a serving or two of mango and I squeezed in some strawberry packets that made their way into my house. Waste not, want not is my motto, and the results were impressive.

Cheese and oatmeal?
I’m all into cheesy grits, but since I happened to have cheese and oatmeal, I thought I’d Ask the Internet. It’s already a thing, so I tried it.
A little instant oatmeal, feta, fire-roasted tomatoes and chili powder made a fine one-time breakfast. I’ve had it, it was fun, but I don’t need to try it again.

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