Monday, May 30, 2016

Let us gormandize on cupcakes and candy corn

I found this word, "gormandize," and it fits most of my closest friends and family and readers of this column:
1. to eat greedily or ravenously.

1. unrestrained enjoyment of fine foods, wines, and the like

Hey, cupcake.
I was technically minding my own business in Rice Village when I passed Celebrity Cupcakes on University Boulevard and walked right up to an Italian Cream and headed to the outdoor tables. Pink flowers made a sweet setting for a sugary break.

Crazy for corn
Loose corn was a regular on my Lu Ann Platter when my family dined at Luby’s almost weekly.
When I began paying for my own meals, I rarely ordered corn because I figured a can of corn was so cheap I could have plenty at home.

I love corn, but so much so that I tend to go overboard, so now I don’t keep it at home.
I just went to a big city restaurant with my family that offered a few half ears of grilled corn for $14, so again, I skipped the corn.
But I’ve been thinking about it.
Fortunately, someone just offered me some candy corn. I didn’t even know you could get that this time of year.
Unfortunately, this kind of corn is also addictive for me.

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