Sunday, May 8, 2016

Take the lid off kitchen confidence

Take the lid off kitchen confidence
My sister spied the Indian As Apple Pie spice tiffin I’m about to set up. Her husband is from India and she has observed this spicy cooking style and has seen similar set ups in drawers of private kitchens. It’s so sleek it could boost your kitchen confidence.
A stainless steel round tin with a lid contains seven removable bowls with a half covering. Fill up a container with some colorful flavor such as turmeric, cumin or curry, then use that half-lid and enclosed measuring spoon to scrape off a level teaspoon. What a beautiful set up. Around here, those bowls could be filled with garlic powder, cayenne, Tex-Joy and Cajun blend.
Makers say you could keep your crafting beads or scrapbooking materials in them. To me, that’s a better option than the enclosed labels for “ice cream toppings.” Not going there.
Here’s to flavorful, styling cooking, from

The cultural phenomenon in Baytown has been a stop for two batches of out-of-town guests.
Once as I drove across Texas I lamented the loss of smaller pit stops of my youth, but then thought how Buc-ee’s is the new tradition. My anecdote proves it.
A young checker noted that I love the Beatles. How did she know? I realized the coat I grabbed had some Beatles pins on the collar. This band was popular before my time and she said she liked them, too. Paul, I said. John, she said, and we knew we were voicing our favorites. An older fellow behind me chimed in and said he got in his car that morning and the radio was playing “Hey Jude.” And that was his name!
This was a tiny bit of bonding and hundreds around us gathered for gas, souvenirs and Bohemian Style garlic Beef Jerky.

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