Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sam's serves big and coffee flour

                     Sam’s Southern Eatery is serving up “generous” portions of fried seafood and at 2401 Memorial             Boulevard and I’m ready for my second batch of oysters.
                        Abraham Khalil, manager, is constantly explaining the “very generous” portions. Some customers             double check to make sure all that food is for them.
            “   We want them to leave with a to-go box, Khalil said with a big smile.
                        The No. 28 order of three fish and three shrimp is  popular, and Khalil said the stuffed shrimp in             such demand it has been selling out.
                        “Get there early,” he advises for now, and added that he’s working on make sure there’s plenty to             satisfy his customers.
                        A turquoise seaside theme sets the restaurant’s tone for hamburgers and more at the  “home of the             jumbo shrimp.”  Big family orders are available for seafood lovers.
                     What’s Khalil’s pick? The No. 31.
                  What's that? You’ll have to go visit him and see for yourself.
                  Coffee flour pairs with chocolate
                      Been to a Sprouts Farmers Market? I hit them whenever I’m in the Houston area. They’ve launched an exclusive partnership with CoffeeFlour for a line of pastries, and the two companies share a “commitment to advancing the sustainability movement in food.”
                      I shared some bits of Everything Blondie Cheesecake Bar, Everything Cookie, Chocolate Chunk Cookie and Black-Bottom Muffin with friends and they noticed the hint of coffee flavor. Here’s how makers say it works:
                      “Every year billions of pounds of coffee fruit, a by­product of coffee production, are discarded or, to a lesser degree, composted into fertilizer. Rather than leaving these cherries to rot in heaps or be dumped into rivers, CoffeeFlour converts them into flour for baking, cooking, crafting chocolate and making beverages. The result is an incredibly nutritious and distinctly flavorful cooking ingredient that is gluten-free, high in fiber, a good source of potassium, and depending on the serving size can also boost a product’s iron, protein, and antioxidant count.”
                      Dan Belliveau, former director of Technical Services at Starbucks, is now CEO of CoffeeFlour, which means to offset billions of tons of waste produced by the coffee industry.
              These pastries tasted good even before I heard their full story. I’m loving to ease this waste with delicious desserts.

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