Sunday, April 9, 2017

A quickie with jasmine rice

I seasoned some jasmine rice cooking water with seafood “juice” leftover from a boil. When it was done I folded in some greens from the garden, including kale, green onions, grape leaves and sweet potato leaves. Then I opened a can of octopus and poured the “meat” and oil over two servings. This meal was conceived, executed, appreciated and devoured in no time at all.


                      Harvest Natural Market
                      My aunt was driving us around the Katy area and I spied the Harvest Natural Market sign. We love visiting new grocery stores and this little shop was bunches of fun. Stevia and lemon balm plants were in the produce section, natural weave blankets and crafts were scattered about and a cafeteria with lamb and seating called our name. We didn’t answer as we had other plans, but thankfully enjoyed the bread and olive oil samples.

                      Hay Max
         Lavender and aloe are two "edibles" that go into Hay Max, little pots of "allergen barrier balms" that will make my spring more pleasant. This soft balm traps allegens before they get into you body. Rub some around the rim of both nostrils and the "bones of the eyes" and reapply after blowing your nose. It's very soft and soothing. I love the method, because I'm the type who figures if a llittle is good then a is better. For years I've been rubbing mentholatum much mroe near the nostrils than recommended, so this balm is a welcome change. Apparently those in the UK who suffer from allegies to grass, trees, ragweed, pollen, dust and pets have been trusting Hay Max for a decade and it's new to us here. It's a drug-free, non-drowsy option.
Whipped honey: Do you already enjoy the handiness of mixing peanutbutter and honey? Try your whipped honey with another nut's butter, say almond or cashew. It will go straight to gourmet. Add something crunchy like walnut crumbles or sunflower seeds, or maybe chocolote nibs and you've hit the top. I accidentally got some red pepper flakes mixed in with my walnuts and that worked, too.

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